Our CEO, Daphne Ng was featured in a Forbes Asia article dated 29 March 2018 on: “Women Tech Leaders Say Blockchain Can Help Close Tech’s Gender Gap In Asia”

Asked whether she believes women are at a disadvantage when trying to join or start blockchain companies, she responds, “Not at all. I know of and have seen many blockchain ladies rocking the scene.”

“I don’t believe there is a significant gender-based advantage, except that we may seem to stand out more in the largely male-dominant tech and crypto spaces,” she says. “But having said that, the fun is also being part of the many blockchain/tech ladies community groups and events.” Ng says she regularly works with talented women, making visibility a less concerning issue.

“ The spirit of blockchain is about democratization of power ,” Ng says. “Successful blockchain and cryptocurrencies are not built in isolation; it is always about community, inclusion and engagement.”

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