Jupyton, our core technology stack, leverages on blockchain, enables trust to be transparent, portable, auditable and tamper proof.

As an industry first, Jupyton is a Trust and Provenance Engine for identity transactions, secure signing and intelligence which can be configured into various sub-modules: Jupyton ID, Jupyton TX, Jupyton Certs, Jupyton Sign, Jupyton Intelligence and Jupyton Chain.

Security and Pprivacy
  • Security and privacy by design are guaranteed.
  • Each transaction, document, or documentation process is atomic, with its life story independently presented and any external party can validate via our Jupyton viewer.
  • The modular nature of Jupyton enables flexibility. Customisable solutions can be tailored for different business objectives.
  • It can be easily integrated with varying legacy systems and made compatible with larger digital infrastructures.

Jupyton technology signifies a new element to how trust can be redefined in our digital era. It is complexity made simple.

Check out our Solutions that are powered by Jupyton: