Our CEO Daphne Ng was invited to speak at the Huawei Cloud Summit held in Singapore on 24 April 2019

Shared by Daphne:
Thank you Huawei for the keynote invite to share about Digital Finance Trends at this week’s Huawei Cloud Summit 2019 at MBS Singapore. I spoke on five technology areas enabling fintech growth. One of them being cloud computing, which provides the agility and efficiencies to fintech companies for testing and development (of environments), SaaS for big data storage and analytics, and making it possible to scale processing capacity quickly in tandem with demand.

Particularly enjoyed the sessions from experts including Ma Hongwei, CTO of Huawei Cloud Asia Pacific and Dr Ernie Teo on their in-depth sharing of AI and blockchain research and applications in fintech.

I also shared about the work of Singapore FinTech Association (SFA), and how the role of government and central bank has been instrumental in supporting a vibrant and robust fintech ecosystem in Singapore.