10 January 2020 – Last Friday, JED was delighted to have supported ACCESS Singapore during their annual general meeting (AGM), where we helped to successfully run an on-premise #blockchain election during the AGM.

The blockchain voting solution was developed by us using the #Ethereum blockchain and #Metamask as the Ethereum wallet to interact with the blockchain. The solution aims to increase transparency in the voting process, protect member anonymity in vote casting, and prevent double voting.

Our CEO Dr Ernie Teo said, “JEDTrade is happy to have supported ACCESS for their AGM. The on-premise requirement meant that we needed an effective approach. We are proud to have successfully deployed this unique use case and provide ACCESS members with a smooth and transparent voting process.”

Read more about it here: https://www.access-sg.org/access-becomes-the-worlds-first-association-to-run-on-premise-blockchain-voting-in-2020-agm/

Download the technical paper here: https://www.access-sg.org/secure/content/f/id/10JED